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High School Strength & Conditioning program (HSSC)

November 9th, 2015

The Holt Fitness High School Strength & Conditioning (HSSC) program consists of group fitness sessions specifically tailored for each individual participating (males and females are welcome!). Essentially it is targeted training for the individual in a group fitness environment. The instructor takes in to account each participants goals and age (ages 13-18 can participate) and designs effective training programs. This means that they are performing a program specific to them in a positive and motivated environment consisting of like minded people . The HSSC program educates high school students on how to train effectively, with correct form and technique, for a sport, health or aesthetic goal. Holt Fitness’s fully equipped studio allows for many different types of training including core, resistance and high intensity cardio using commercial machines and equipment. Become an HSSC athlete and join the program! (more…)


October 29th, 2015

Group personal training with toning specialist James Dent is now available at Holt Fitness. Session times include Monday 9:30am, Thursday 6am & 9am. James has experience in training clients to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals, specialising in toning, weight loss and muscle gain. The sessions are structured around group training in a social, friendly and goal-orientated environment. Training will include weights in the gym and use of the oval, hall and tennis courts. The gym is located on the side of the Aspley State School hall, and sessions will be $10 per person. Sessions start November 9, 2015. To book a session please fill out the form below. We look forward to seeing you there! (more…)

Personal Training with James Dent

May 20th, 2015

 James Dent is the Holt Fitness personal trainer. He currently plays soccer for the national premier league and has vast experience in preparing athletes to compete at a high level. James has a personal interest in shaping and developing the body and currently works with clients who's goals range from weight loss to muscle gain. James' personal training prices are $65 per hour. $55 for 45 minutes and $40 for 30 minutes.   Any clients of James that do two or more 45 or 60 minute sessions per week may use the gym for free at other times. James will create a personalised training program for all of his clients in addition to his personal training sessions.   To book a session with James, fill out the form below. (more…)